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Waxing FAQ


Waxing is most painful when a low quality wax is used. That is due to the fact that these waxes adhere to your live skin cells and they are taken with it when the strip is pulled. I use Berodin wax, which is endorsed by Lori Nestore, the wax queen, so you know it's good stuff. Berodin is so safe for the skin that you can wax the area multiple times with no worry of damage to your skin. 


You may take a painkiller, upon clearance from your doctor, to minimize pain. In addition to this, my treatment table has a heated, vibrating massage pad. The vibration distracts the brain from what I am doing and will minimize how much you feel. Doctors' offices use the vibrating pads for their patients for this very purpose.  

The suspense is killing me, TELL ME WOMAN, DOES IT HURT???

Do not be scared, I have many clients who tell me  it was completely painless. However, some with a lower threshold do feel some pinch. Hollywood will make you believe that this is an excruciating experience that will make you scream.  This is absolutely not true. 

What is the difference between Sugaring vs. Waxing?

Sugaring is an exfoliant as well as hair removal option. The sugar paste will adhere to the dead skin cells and buff you to a shine.

Which should I choose?

Consider the 4 P's and Two B's of Waxing vs. Sugaring:

Price- Sugaring has a higher price point than waxing does.

Pain- You may find one vs. the other more painful. Generally, sugaring is the more discomfort inducing.

Permanency- Sugaring can achieve permanent hair removal.

Pampering- It is indicated and recommended to receive a body scrub before waxing. They are pretty darn luxurious. With sugaring, body scrubs are absolutely contraindicated, you may not receive one within 48 hours of being sugaring. This is because sugaring  too is an exfoliant and doing both will be excessive. Some find the exfoliation of sugaring to be too aggressive, thus, switching to body scrubs and waxing may be the ideal option.

Bothersome Blemishes- This pesky immune reaction can be magnified depending on your biochemical individuality. Generally, I see more breakouts with sugaring.

TLDR- Try 'em both and see what you like. :) 

I get pimples after waxing, what is that and what can I do to stop it?

Those pimples are your little white blood cells who believe you hair follicles are sick and need nursing after they were removed. They think you suffered some type of trauma. So, they are not because of the wax or technique, but rather, your healthy immune system. 

-Yes, there is a solution. An anti-histamine pre and post wax has been proven to reduce this immune reaction. Be sure and talk to your doctor before taking any medication, of course. 

How should I prepare for my waxing appointment?

Your hair must be at least 1/4 inches long. If you shave, it will take approximately 1 month to acquire this length after your last shave. It is about the length of your pinkie nail. An exfoliating body scrub is also recommended, prior to waxing, to unclog the follicles. 

How long do results of waxing last? 

You can expect 2-3 weeks of smoothness. 

Does BigFoot exist? 

Yes, he does. He just doesn't look the same because he came to my salon and removed all that hair. Those silly Sasquatch hunters are still out there looking for an ape.

I don't see my question.

Please email [email protected] Or, you can always call or text (469) 251 9859. If I do not know the answer, I will find it and get back to you. 

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