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What will be used for the exfoliating body scrub? 

I will use a Brown Sugar Scrub. Brown Sugar will be utilized because it contains Glycolic Acid, the most effective Alpha Hydroxy Acid on the market.  The exfoliating effects of Brown sugar and Glycolic Acid  together are  magnified due to the fact that the particles of both ingredients are small enough to penetrate the skin and slough those pesky dead skin cells away.  Furthermore, Brown Sugar is an humectant, which means "moisturizing." Nature's perfect exfoliator, I say. 

What are the benefits of the Seaweed Body Mask? 

I will be using a  Klamath Blue-Green Algae  infused seaweed mask. It is effective due to the fact that, just like the properties of the ingredients in my body scrub, the particles are small enough to absorb topically. This algae is quite a powerful plant. I recommend them after a body scrub as the proteins in the algae help your body construct new skin cells. 

What are the benefits of the  Mud Mask?

This mask has all the benefits as my seaweed mask, however it is recommended if there are iodine or seafood allergies to the seaweed wrap.  

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