A trip to your spa is luxurious, yet a necessity. With this in mind, Simply Touched Spa aspires to deliver high on the luxury and even higher on the affordability. Your spa day awaits.  


What is massage? 

Massage is soft tissue manipulation and stretching. 

What are the benefits of massage? 

A 1 hour massage does for your body what 3 hours of REM sleep does. It is a great pick me up in the middle of the day. 

I'm stressed! I heard it is good for stress, is that true? 

You bet it is. And since you asked, let's get a little refresher on what stress is and why we want to avoid it: Stress is the precursor to many medical and certainly many mental health problems. Stress ages you. Stress will shorten your life span.  Stress will prevent you from reaching your full potential.The word stress is thrown around so loosely these days, it is easy to forget how serious of a condition is. 

What can I expect when I arrive for my session?

Please, if you are a first time client, and especially if this is your first massage, arrive a few minutes early. This is so: We can get your intake form, which is required by the state. Next, I can perform a thorough consultation. Be afraid, be very afraid of a LMT who does not take this very seriously, getting to know you and your needs, and customizing the session accordingly. 

- Massage is performed on a table. You will undress to your comfort level, and lie down.I will check in shortly after commencing to ensure pressure is appropriate. 

What happens afterwards? 

There is no research to support the oft-told story that you need to "flush out toxins" after a massage with water. So, I want you to do something that makes you happy after your massage, because you already took a big step by taking time for yourself by getting a massage, so keep it going. I want my clients to think that me giving them a massage was the first step in putting themselves first. So, with that said, please, do what makes you happy. Eat a cheeseburger or something. 

What is Esalen massage? 

Esalen massage is for the client who wishes to get the most mental health benefit from their session. Long slow strokes are employed, there is really no kneading in this modality. From a medical standpoint, esalen massage is intended to trigger a response from the parasympathetic nervous system, which is your nervous system for R&R. 

What is Lomi Lomi massage?

Lomi Lomi was developed by the Polynesians (who settled in Hawaii) and is intended to create the sensation of the waves crashing over you. Lots of long, slow strokes. No kneading, no stretching with this one. 

A full body stretch massage, you can do that? 

From your neck to your toes, yes I can. Please, if stretching is your thing, book at least a 90 minute session. Stretching is not stretching unless the stretch is held for at least 30 seconds. A long session ensures that we can accomplish a good deep, stretch.

What's your specialty? 

I find it best to deliver a customized session each and every time you see me. Therapists who have "specialties" often have a very limited skill set and are prone to delivering the same old massage to each client they see.

What advanced certifications do you possess?

I am certified in massage for: Pregnancy, Fibromyalgia, Lymphatic Drainage,Reflexology, and Lomi Lomi Massage. 

Will you put me to sleep? 

I have developed a system of conducting an orchestra to the client's snoring. Yes, my clients sleep that often. 

I don't see my question. 

Please e-mail [email protected]  Or, you can always call or text at (469) 251-9859.  I'm pretty darn knowledgeable, but if I don't know the answer, I will find it and get back to you. 

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